The List: The 12 Best New Kids’ Books


Chopsticks (Amy Krouse Rosenthal)
Don’t be surprised if your kids eat this story up. Two inseparable chopsticks start living separate lives and in doing so, learn about the bonds of friendship and having the fortitude to experience things on your own. Another great kids’ book by the popular author of Duck! Rabbit! Amy Krouse Rosenthal. ($13.36, Tell me more)
The Thankful Book
The Thankful Book (Todd Parr)
Children’s books allow us all to appreciate the sublimely ridiculous: pigeons that drive buses, curious monkeys and hungry caterpillars. But it’s rare to find a board book that teaches toddlers the actual art of being appreciative and showing gratitude. Thankfully, this book has that covered: from cover to cover. ($10.99, Tell me more)

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