7 Creative and Crafty Valentines

SavvyMom April 27, 2016
Child Making Valentine Craft

Moms know that Valentine’s Day is more exciting when you have kids to share it with—but sometimes sending out sweet sentiments can feel like a labour of love. However, when armed with a few basic crafting techniques and easy-to-find supplies, making special surprises that go beyond a store-bought card can become a simple task. So show the love this month with these adorable ideas your little ones are sure to be enamoured with.

Colour us happy—we’ve made the perfect Valentine for the littlest loves in our crew! Using leftover crayons (or new ones, if your prefer), we’ve recycled them into multi-coloured creations that are just like new. 

Good friends stick together, so why not show your affection for your favourite people with pretty pretzel party sticks? Dipped in melted chocolate and covered with sprinkles, this edible treat will let everyone know you think they’re the sweetest.

Keep clicking! We’ve got more adorable DIY ways to spread a little love this Valentine’s Day.


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