The Savvy Guide to Valentine’s Day

Savvy Guide to Valentine's Day - SavvyMom

By mid-February we’re usually pretty fried and not feeling particularly lovey dovey. So, any easy Valentine’s Day ideas are welcomed by those who don’t entirely want to lose that spark. Whether you’re looking for sweet and simple Valentine’s Day gift ideas or a recipe for heart cookies that are somewhat healthy-ish, our Savvy Guide to Valentine’s Day will help you from becoming whatever a Grinch for February 14 might be called.

The Savvy Guide to Valentine’s Day:
Sweet and Simple Valentine’s Day Ideas for Celebrating Those You Love

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - SavvyMom

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

We can’t help but adore a day that’s all about love, from romance for our partners to the overflowing gushiness we feel for our kids. Here are a few sweet little Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will add some extra sparkle to February 14th. And if a certain someone needs a small – or a large – hint for ideas, we fully support sending this list their way.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - SavvyMom

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for All of Your Loves

From the kiddos to gal pals, there’s a token of affection here for everyone. Check out these sweet Valentine’s Day gift ideas for all the sweethearts on your list…

Valentines Day in Toronto - SavvyMom

City-Specific Valentine’s Day Ideas

If you live in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, or Vancouver, our roundups of sweet ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in your neck of the woods that either don’t cost much, don’t interfere with bedtime, are perfect for couples or families, and sometimes all of the above!

Conversation Heart Graham Cookies

Sweet Heart Cookies for Valentine’s Day

These healthy-ish and sweet heart cookies are cute and yummy and easy to inscribe with Valentine’s Day messages for your loved ones.

Valentine's Day Dinner Menu - SavvyMom

A Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two

Sure, we all love the thought of getting glammed-up to paint the town red (with a night full of roses, champagne, and a 5-course dinner) to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But, when you’ve got kids (and let’s be honest, a mortgage) some things have got to give. Besides, we all know restaurants don’t always offer their best service on Feburary 14 anyway. So we say skip the fancy reservations this year and instead celebrate with an ultra-romantic homemade Valentine’s Day dinner for two.

Easy & Fun Valentine's Recipes for Kids - SavvyMom

Easy & Fun Valentine’s Recipes for Kids

Unleash the love in your kitchen this Valentine’s Day with your little sous chefs by your side. Give your kids a chance to shine and express their culinary creativity with these fun and easy Valentine’s recipes for kids that are perfect for tiny hands to handle. From heart-shaped goodies to love-filled sweets, they’ll be whipping up treats that are not only eye-catching, but also mouth-watering. So, let’s get those aprons tied and those oven mitts ready, as we embark on a culinary adventure filled with love, laughter, and of course, delicious treats.

Sweet and Simple Ways to Show Your Kids You Care on Valentine’s Day

Wouldn’t it be great if Valentine’s Day was just about a day of showing love and kindness for everyone in our lives—from friends to children, siblings to spouses—and less about over-the-top Valentine gifts? To get back to the real message of love, we reached out to our crew of savvy writers and asked them to share all the ways they make their kids feel special, loved, and appreciated on Valentine’s Day. Here are their answers.

How to Make a Heart Shaped Paper Chain for Valentine’s Day

This sweet and simple craft is perfect for Valentine’s Day, mostly because it’s made with items you likely have hanging around the house: coloured cardstock, scissors, and a stapler. This is my preferred type of seasonal decoration. It doesn’t require any fancy items and can easily jazz up a window, doorframe, fireplace mantle, bookshelf, or staircase.

take back valentine;'s day

7 Ways to Not Hate Valentine’s Day

What if we focused on the love we have for everyone in our lives, ourselves included? Love is all around us, and it’s a wonderful, beautiful, essential thing to be celebrated. What if this year we reclaim Valentine’s Day from its societal expectations, and turn it into a day dedicated to showing love to everyone special in our lives instead? Best friends, parents, children, siblings, and spouses, of course. Here’s how not to hate Valentine’s Day.

Be Your Own Valentine

But the older I get, the more I look for ways to fulfill myself in addition to my partner. In my twenties and thirties, it was all about “what am I going to do for him on Valentine’s Day?” Now, to keep the mom/wife train on the tracks, I am unapologetic about prioritizing my own needs. Not at the exclusion of everyone else but in addition to. So Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse (like I needed one) to celebrate and take care of myself. Here’s how I plan to do it.

What Moms Really Want for Valentine’s Day

What do moms want for Valentine’s Day? Why, equal division of parenting and household responsibilities, of course.


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