Simple (and Savvy) Ideas for Valentine’s Day Dessert


Around our house, Valentine’s Day dinner is usually a family affair instead of a couple one. I try to make something that I know everyone will love—with two tween boys in the house it typically involves lots of meat—and we do something sweet and festive for a special Valentine’s Day dessert.

This year I’m planning on little heart pavlovas in an effort to use up some leftover egg whites, but in the past, I’ve defaulted to something fruity, embellished with a touch of chocolate—like a simple fondue.

Using nothing more than chocolate chips and cream, the sauce thickens while I slice up a few fruits and platter them with whatever sweets I can find in the cupboard. Marshmallows are always popular with the kids and if I have some banana bread or lemon loaf on hand, I cut it up into thin slices and cut out little heart shapes with my cookie cutters. It all comes together in the time it takes the kids to clear the table, and we can dip and delight in a dessert the whole family will enjoy.

Valentine's Day Apple

Alternatively, if you think your kids have indulged in enough candy during the school day, these simple apples are a fun way to inject a little festive fun into the dinner hour—without overdosing on an extra sugar. Press a small heart cookie cutter into a green apple and remove the cut piece. Do the same with the red apple and swap the heart pieces, putting the red one into the green apple and vice versa.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day dinner with the family? Do you do anything special to celebrate?

Find the full recipe here: Easy Chocolate Fondue


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