How to Wear Red (and Wear It Well)

Wendy Woods January 11, 2017

Did you know that the colour red is associated with high-energy emotions like love, passion and rage for a very specific reason? It’€™s because when we see the colour red our body releases adrenaline. We actually have a physical and chemical reaction to this colour. Crazy, isn’€™t it?!

So it’€™s no wonder we think about wearing the colour red when we’€™re trying to ignite passion in another person, like say when we’€™re going on a date.

Some women feel totally in their element wearing red, while others feel quite uncomfortable with it. In my experience this is often personality driven. Women who enjoy attention and have bold personalities tend to love red. Women who have quieter personalities and like to blend in tend to shy away from red, which makes sense considering the physical reaction the colour induces.

If you’€™re the type who happens to love the colour red, then Valentine’€™s Day is the perfect time to try wearing this colour from head-to-toe. Try a sexy red dress or a red coat. The key is to wear big pops of red on an area of your body that makes you feel sexy. For example, if you really love your décolletage then a red blouse is a lovely choice.

If you tend to shy away from red, then Valentine’€™s Day is a fun day to give the colour a try in small bits and pops. Think ‘€˜hints’€™ of red: a ribbon in your hair, a bit of red in a larger pattern or a great pair of red shoes are small ways to introduce the colour into your look. You could even try red lipstick’€”a fun and bold choice, even though it’€™s only a small pop of colour.

One of the reasons some women have difficulties wearing red is that we often picture the colour red as a cherry red’€”but that colour doesn’€™t suit everyone. Perhaps the best red for you is a coral or cranberry colour, or closer to orange or even a dark blood red?

The best way to decide which red is best on you is to gather a whole bunch of different red colours from around the house and bring them to a mirror lit by natural sunlight only. (It’€™s easier if the items you gather are pieces of cloth, but it’€™s not imperative. Hold each item up to your face (without any makeup on) and decide whether or not the colour is doing anything positive or negative to your appearance.

A few specific things to look for: if you hold a colour up and your face looks a little jaundiced or blotchy, or you notice tired lines under your eyes or your fine bone structure disappears, these colours might not be best on you. If you hold a red colour up and it looks like you’€™ve put blush on or your lips look bright and shiny or your skin starts to glow you know you’€™ve hit the jackpot and found a great red for you to wear proudly.

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