Cocoa Graham Valentine’s Day-Inspired Heart Cookies

Conversation Heart Graham Cookies

How adorable are these reasonably good-for-you conversation heart cookies?

Inspired by Pinterest, natch, I whipped up a modified batch of our cocoa graham cracker dough and cut the biscuits into 2-inch hearts instead of tiny animal shapes. The result was a huge hit with my kids, who even begrudgingly admitted that the text imprinted on the cookie was kind of cute. Seeing as they’re teenage boys, I considered it high praise and proceeded to stamp my way to a series of sweet treats bearing messages for the people in my household.

You can go with lovely messages like ‘hugs’ and ‘kisses’, or you can even imprint individual names if you think they will fit. For older kids, why not take it one step further and write something in a modern language they’re surely fluent in, like I did with my ‘ilysm!’ (That’s teen for ‘I love you so much).

Sweet Heart Cookies for Valentine’s Day

To make the heart cookies, you can keep simply use the original version of the recipe, or you can replace the cocoa with ½ cup oat bran, to replicate the look of a graham cracker. Bake 2-inch cookies for 10 – 12 minutes. The shorter baking time will deliver softer cookies, while the longer time will yield something crisper.

To inscribe your messages, simply use the end of a wooden skewer or toothpick to trace out your letters. Then, go over them — poking small holes into the lines you traced until the letters are very visible. If you want to make these cookies a little fancier, you can turn them into s’mores heart cookies by sandwiching them with marshmallows and melted chocolate. Or you can make standard sandwich cookies with Nutella, jam, or buttercream icing.


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