Cheering on Team Canada is About More Than Winning Gold

Multi generation black family watching sport on TV at home
Multi generation black family watching sport on TV at home

Team Canada is going to the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games this February, and they’re counting on all of us to offer encouragement, positive energy, and support. Fortunately, Cheerios is making it easier than ever to cheer on Team Canada with a super cool AR experience that’s bringing athletes and fans together. It’s time to cheer on Team Canada with your family—here’s how to get started and why this simple act can have a big impact on Canadian athletes.

Why your cheers matter

Going to the Olympic Games to represent your sport and your country is an incredible achievement, but it doesn’t come without stress or hardship along the way. Team Canada athletes make a lot of sacrifices and face a lot of pressure, and this stress can take a toll on their overall well being. When we cheer them on at the Olympic Games, they feel our love and support behind them—after all, it’s not just about winning. It’s about showing them how excited and proud we are! If a local athlete is your kid’s hero, what a great time to share that message with Team Canada.

This year will mark the second time the Olympic Games have happened without any international fans present due to the ongoing pandemic. As a result of these health and safety restrictions, Team Canada needs us more than ever. Our cheers have a much greater and more direct impact than a lot of families realize. When our athletes are under stress or feeling the pressure, they can stop by the Cheer Booth at the Canadian Team’s Athlete Lounge at the Beijing 2022 Olympic Village to soak in words of encouragement. Our messages make them smile and laugh, help them feel empowered and lift their spirits when they need it most. They can immerse themself in the comfort and kindness of home whenever they need it, whether it’s before the big event, before bed or after a tough practice. Not only does this support their mental well-being, it can actually help them perform better. GO TEAM!

Each and every one of us has the power to energize, uplift and inspire our favourite athletes this winter. And, when you cheer on your favourite Team Canada athletes as a family, you’re teaching your own kids an amazing lesson: everyone deserves encouragement as they chase their dreams, and a great effort is always worth celebrating. Plus, it feels pretty awesome to cheer on the athletes and focus on something fun and inspiring after facing so many challenges over the past two years. When you put good energy into the world, you’ll soon feel it coming back to you—that’s the power of cheer!

How to send cheer to Team Canada Athletes this winter

It all starts with a great breakfast. As a longtime supporter of Team Canada, Cheerios has sent over 100,000 Cheer Cards to Olympic athletes over the past decade. These handwritten messages have always been warmly received by Team Canada, and many athletes look forward to reading them as they prepare for an event. Now, for the first time ever, Canadians can send cheers virtually through videos or text messages. This allows everyday Canadians to connect with Team Canada athletes in real time, offering messages of encouragement that make a huge impact on their Olympic experience. Plus, the AR experience is totally cool—your kids are going to love it!

Thanks to the innovative augmented reality (AR) component of this year’s Cheer campaign, families can instantly participate in interactive trivia games, learn more about the incredible Team Canada athletes sponsored by General Mills, or send a virtual cheer. All it takes is a quick scan and click of a QR code on the front of a Cheerios box, and you’re in! It’s engaging, lots of fun and sure to inspire kids of all ages. You can send Team Canada athletes a simple message of encouragement or get creative using signs, pompoms and noisemakers. Dress up in Team Canada colours and rock that video message! It’s something your kids will love doing, especially if you let them know how much these messages mean to our Olympic athletes.

We’re all on Team Canada

Whether you’re an athlete, a coach, the friends and family of a Team Canada athlete or simply a fan of the Olympic Games, we’re all a part of Team Canada. Together, we can #CheerWithCheerios this winter and help our country’s best and brightest stars have an incredible experience in Beijing. It’s a small gesture that has a lot of meaning and makes a huge impact on these hardworking, dedicated athletes—so, let’s come together and go for the gold.

Thanks to Cheerios for partnering with us on this fun post.


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