The One Bite Rule


When it comes to feeding our families, it can be remarkably difficult to make a meal that is universally appealing to all the hungry mouths at the table. As a somewhat picky eater myself, I understand and accept this concept, but as chief-cook-in-residence it can be a challenging one to navigate.
After years of feeding a family, I’ve learned that I don’t believe in forcing anyone to eat something that elicits gags and groaning, but I am a firm believer in the one bite rule. In other words, at least one bite must be taken from each item on the plate. As Karen Le Billon states in her book, ‘€œYou don’€™t have to like it, but you do have to taste it.’€ In my experience, what starts off as one bite eventually ends up as three or four before you know it.

Another thing I’ve learned is that if one of my kids detests something, like a burger for example, and I serve it in a new and inventive way, the previously offensive food is now one of interest. It doesn’t matter that I was only creative out of necessity (no buns in the house, only four pickles in the jar and barely enough cheese to feed a mouse), the bottom line is that being inventive made me realize that while my kids won’t always happily nosh on what’s before them, they are more interested in trying something if a food can be seen in a new light.

How are you dealing with your picky eaters these days?


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