Minnow’s Five Things


Another interesting week. There is no end to the editorial fun around here at Savvy HQ. This is what caught my attention this week.
1. I’m not a crazy cosmetics person, but I do have my favourites and one of them is a new company called Mereadesso. Started by Toronto-born, former Estee Lauder professional, Linda Stephenson, the brand is all about style, simplicity and quality. In an industry where packaging is 50% of the product (I’m not saying that’s right, I’m just sayin’), she nailed it off the bat. As for the product, I’m addicted to the face and neck toning gel but my new favourite is the line of lip treats. Try the sheer pink lip for a summer treat. It’s better than a gelato.

2. I hate adding to moms’ list of things-to-be-worried-about, but I agree with this story about the new laundry PODS being dangerous for kids. They do look fun and colourful and shiny. There’s no question kids might want to play with them. So keep them out of reach, along with all the other cleaners or items that are sharp and dangerous for children. Keep them out of the toy box and everyone is safe and worry free.
Laundry Pods

3. I’m 100% sure that my mother would not have agreed in a million years to let me wear these boots to my wedding—even if we were in the arctic. In fact, I still don’t think my mother would let me wear these boots. Some things just aren’t worth the fight—and these certainly are not. Seriously people, who would do this? More importantly, what is UGG thinking? Is this an example of a great brand gone bad?

UGG Wedding Boots

4. The thrill of cross border shopping is becoming much less attractive now that all the big US retail names are here. We’ve got Brooks Brothers, Anthro and the Crew already, Target is on the way for 2013 and now another one of my fave US retailers, Ann Taylor, is coming to Canada with its first store opening in TO next fall. It’s all good news. We have all the choices now, all the selection that we always wanted, finally. But I wonder if I’ll like them all as much now that the we-can’t-get-this-at-home factor is gone?

Ann Taylor

5. In an age when competitive parenting often manifests itself on the soccer field and hockey arena (or in my case, the baseball diamond), and with childhood obesity on the rise, many parents worry that they should be doing more to encourage their children to be active—especially if the child doesn’t show interest. Should you push your children into sports? I was relived to see this sage counsel from our SavvyMom experts, who weighed in this week with some strategies for helping your kids find the right sports for them—not you.

Should You Push Your Children into Sports?


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