The Savviest Way to Shop the Black Friday Sales


When it comes to Black Friday, we’re connoisseurs. It’s not enough to just head to the big stores and line up—we have a plan, we have tricks, and we know what we’re after.

We’ve been finessing our Black Friday game for a few years now. Click here to see our Favourite Black Friday Deals and Bargains, and keep reading to see our pro tips for getting the most out of the day.

Know What You Want
If you are shopping for yourself and want to try things on, go earlier in the week and figure out your sizes in all the items you want. That way, on the day of, you can just grab what you want and then get in line. The big box stores will be nuts—avoid the changing rooms at all costs.

Dress for Success
Wear a light coat, or no coat at all. Lots of people = lots of extra body heat. You won’t need it and carrying it will be a pain.

Do Your Homework
Check out the flyers and in-store deals before you go. Some deals are valid for one day only or are doorbusters, but others will be valid for more than just Black Friday. If you see something in a flyer, do some comparison shopping before you go spend time waiting in line. If you’ve got an item in mind, find out what the true regular price is. If you know now you want to get a good deal on a TV, for example, you should know what a good price is before Black Friday.

Have a Plan
Always plan your route. Decide what’s most important (maybe it’s the toy the kids are hoping to see under the tree, or maybe it’s a cosmetic you’d never buy for yourself at full price). Prioritise so you’re not disappointed.

Pack Your Patience
We think Black Friday shopping is fun—a good bargain can make our day. But know that it will be busy, line-ups will be long, and you’re bound to encounter a few Negative Nellys. Accept it all now and don’t let it ruin your day.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better
It’s not always best to go to the biggest mall. The smaller malls have smaller crowds, and usually have all the same stores and deals.

Be Tech Savvy
Many stores have online deals in addition to, or even in advance of their in-store bargains. Follow the brands you love on social media to get the inside scoop. If you’re crowd adverse, online is the way to go, but be warned: we’ve been disappointed in the past by websites that crash due to high volume.

Now that you know the Savvy way to do Black Friday, check out our Our Favourite Black Friday Deals and Bargains. 




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