The Savvy Guide to December


We know it’s December, but there’s really no need to panic. Remember that this is a time of joy and celebration and mandatory family fun. Here are a few tips to help you make that happen.

Write yourself a personal list of what is important to you about the holidays and keep it in your purse or somewhere handy
Why? So that every time you feel yourself getting stressed or time crunched or overwhelmed, you can refer to your list and remember what is important.

The perfect gift for that tough-to-buy-for person from our list of 25 things under $25
Why? Because theoretically you believe in re-gifting, as long as it’s not your gift.

A board game or a holiday game
Why? Because you’ll need some down time with the kids to manage the excitement of the season.

Some new books to your kids that reinforce the true message of the holidays
Why? Because you’ll be forever glad that you sat down with them to enjoy reading a funny and inspiring book.

The Top Ten Christmas Apps
Why? Because it’s the most practical list of the season—it has apps for budgeting, Christmas music, how to elf yourself (and anyone else) and letters to Santa. It’s all there—and now it can all be on your phone, too.

Why? Because it’s a free app that allows you to record and share videos privately from your smart phone—right away. No getting stuck in email, no need for YouTube and video. Private videos are sent to the right people from your phone.

Reduce your paper waste by recycling the kids’ artwork that comes home from school by wrapping gifts with it
Why? It’s crafty and personal—the grandparents will love it and the kids will be proud of their work (and you’ve found a purpose for all that art).

A gingerbread house with the kids
Why? Because there is no excuse not to these days with kits being sold everywhere you turn, like these ones from our friends at Sweet Flour, or sign-up for a class at a Loblaws location near you. They make such great centrepieces for the kids’ table.

By giving back on December 3
Why? Because in the midst of all the holiday excess, it’s important to remember what really matters. We’ve put together 10 ways that you and your family can give back this December.



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