The Top Natural Playgrounds to Visit in Ontario

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As a mother to three young children, I am always looking for fun and unique playgrounds that ignite their adventurous spirits and lead to hours of play.

A 2016 Canadian study found that incorporating natural elements into children’s play areas can actually lessen depressive moods in young kids. Within Ontario, we are finding a rise in natural playgrounds, and I have enjoyed watching my own children explore playgrounds that take components of nature and create something that sparks imagination and creativity.

Here are some of the best natural playgrounds in Ontario worth exploring.

Exhibition Park

Location: Guelph

Exhibition Park has a rich history that dates back to 1871, but in 2014 Guelph’s first natural park was installed, attracting families from far to explore the climbing rope, climbing logs, and water pump. This is a perfect park for older kids to find adventure and exercise.

Rotary Club’s Pirate Ship Playground

Location: Belleville

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A massive wooden pirate ship sets this park apart from others. Located inside Belleville’s Riverside Park, this park is one of the top spots to play in Quinte. The Pirate Ship is a fun place for kids of all ages to dream big and let their imaginations run wild.

Jamie Bell Adventure Park

Location: Toronto

The Jamie Bell Adventure Park located in High Park needs to be seen to be believed, it is simply that majestic. The wooden castle-like structure is massive and deserves hours of play for kids of all ages. Adults may even find it hard to resist this spectacular playground.

Paul Coffey Park

Location: Mississauga

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This recently constructed park in Malton is a fairy tale come true, with a carved dragon and a wooden castle, and vibrant colours to spark creativity. Every kid will fall in love with this beautiful park.

Chappel East

Location: Hamilton

This stunning parkette proves that not all parks need to be huge to ignite our imaginations. The massive wooden owl structure, where kids can climb and slide, sets this park apart and makes it unique and worthy of a mention.

Wellington Adventure Playground

Location: Wellington

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This Prince Edward County Playground is a stunning wooden structure with many different tunnels and climbing spots for kids to get creative and play and is also located right on Lake Ontario.

Tasca Park

Location: Nobleton

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This recently constructed park is winning provincial awards for design and is sure to please. The fully accessible playground is full of colour and opportunities for kids to climb and explore its various wooden structures and logs.


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