The 100% Lunch


Your kids run at 100% all day long so they need the 100% lunch to keep them going all day long.
Sun-Rype can help you send them out the door with that 100% lunch, a lunch that provides the healthy fuel they need to keep up that pace all day (even if you sometimes wish they would just slow down for a second). But how do you know when you’ve made a 100% lunch?

  • Your kids love to eat it
  • It’s good for them
  • It’s easy for you to make

If that sounds like a tall order, the 100% lunch is actually easier than you think.

Just look for foods that are naturally healthy and delicious, like whole grains, fresh veggies and convenient treats made from 100% fruit. And one fun way to get your kids excited about healthy eating is to get food-savvy together by learning to read nutrition labels on food packages. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your kids will understand the importance of avoiding treats filled with added sugars or artificial additives.


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