Letter Sweet


Look like your ‘personal’ messages to your dearest friends on their most joyous of occasions?

It’s very familiar to us too. And as the start of a new season often comes with good intentions, we’ve made one of ours to stop celebrating life’s important moments with this less than personal kind of email (dashed off in between countless other work emails we send each day).

So to inspire us in our new commitment to sending lovely, personal notes to our friends and families, we’ve stocked up our desk (at the office and at home) with a stash of greeting cards from Sweetbeets.

The cards are the creation of Hamilton mom entrepreneur and self-taught artist Lisa Zuraw, and feature her own drawings. The stunningly simple designs evoke memories of our own childhoods, back to when things were simpler and letters in the mail were more plentiful, yet just as appreciated as they are today. The sweet company name comes from the nickname her husband uses for their two boys, ages three and six.


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