Summer Out of the City


As an entrepreneur, business never goes away, even if you do. So going on holidays has it’s set of challenges. We need to get away, far away—in order to free ourselves of the stresses of daily life. But we also want access. WIFI, that is, because WIFI brings us our beloved email.
To check or not to check, that is the question, but for me (as it is for Sarah) the answer is to check. For I would far rather check in a few times each day than wonder what is happening all day long or even worse, worry about dealing with all of the 10,000 emails just sitting in my inbox waiting to be answered upon my return.

Here are a few things the Savvy team has been known to do while on vaca, just to stay in touch:

  1. Drive to the local fire station in town every morning to “hook up” (and we don’t mean with the fire fighters)
  2. Drive into remote town at 6:30 am for a conference call in a phone booth (no cell coverage)
  3. Drive 20 minutes up the road for cell reception (three times a day)
  4. Sit up all night in a fancy hotel lobby (that also has WIFI) drinking strong coffee and clearing inbox, writing articles etc.
  5. Sweet talk the guy in the B&B to use his computer so you can just “check in”.

But alas, while our quest for WIFI sometimes takes us a bit far off the beat and track, one does learn a lot about the local metropolis. In rural Quebec, for example, at almost every store, gas station (or structure, really), I have been able to buy wine and beer. This has been almost as comforting as finding my beloved WIFI (which in the end, I found on the dock). Lucky me.


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