The Handyman Can


Everyone is talking about spring cleaning this time of year, but right now my bigger issue is that I feel like my house is being held together by duct tape.
I don’t know about you, but as soon as the snow melts and the sun starts to shine all the cracks appear and all those odd jobs around the house that get ignored through the winter (when we spend all our free timing skiing) need to be addressed. I’ll give you an idea of what I’m talking about by sharing my list of what I reviewed with the handyman tonight after work.

The priorities:

  • Fix the OVEN (not kidding—it randomly shuts off after an hour)
  • Fix the BBQ and get it cleaned and prepped for the summer (this is serious since the oven doesn’t work)
  • Fix the lock on the back door (so the Lab can’t let herself out anymore—like in the middle of the night, for example)
  • Get the doors to the storage closets in the basement back on the hinges after the kids knocked them out playing tackle mini-sticks
  • Replace the two broken windows in the basement (thank you, baseball)
  • Stop the leak in the kids’ bathtub
  • Rebuild the rotting back deck
  • Update the front hall powder room which has been fondly nicknamed the ‘outhouse’ by friends and family (that’s how badly it needs updating)
  • Fill the hole in our roof that the birds have created for themselves and made a home in—replace with birdhouse

Don’t get me started on new wallpaper for my boudoir and shelves for the kids’ rooms…and spring cleaning the closets and re-organizing my basement.

I just need to get the duct tape off my house and make sure it can stand alone.

What are your home projects for spring?


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