The “In Snack”


Like everyone else who is trying to be more health conscious, I am also doing my best to make healthy food choices for my family. Grocery shopping takes a little bit longer, but in the long-run our hearts and kidneys will be stronger for it. Instead of giving up the things we love, I am always on the lookout for healthier (lower fat, lower salt) alternatives. This includes everything from breakfast cereal, to tomato sauce, deli meats for lunches and SNACKS.
Snacking has become a bit of a hobby here at Savvy HQ. And, with so many samples arriving for testing, there is no shortage of snacks (healthy or otherwise) to choose from. Affectionately referred to by my colleagues as ‘the one with a sweet tooth’, I don’t usually choose to snack on chips and crackers. However, we recently received samples of a new line of natural pita chips, called In Snax Pita Crisps. I am hooked. This new, healthy chip alternative is available in three delicious flavours—Sea Salt, Multigrain with Garden Herbs and Cinnamon with a Touch of Sugar. My personal favourite is the Sea Salt—crispy, salty and surprisingly filling.

In Snax Pita Crisps have up to 70% less fat and sodium than regular chip brands, are high in fibre, trans-fat free, oven-baked with sunflower oil and, best of all, are peanut-free. This makes them a perfect snack for school lunches or classroom parties. You can either eat them plain, serve them with dip or salsa, or have them on the side at a meal in place of bread or crackers. Even better, In Snax Pita Crisps are reasonably priced and available at your local grocery store.

What is your favourite snack food?


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