The List: 14 Mother’s Day Gift Gets


When it comes to moms, it’s tough to find a way to express our love and gratitude to them. Even tougher is ensuring that same love and gratitude is directed our way…for at least one day a year.
So whether you’re celebrating your own mom, or you need to suggest one of these 14 Mother’s Day Gifts to someone who wants to send the love your way…you’ll be a winner from where we stand.

Suetables’ Rebecca Wishlets
Tie one on this Mother’s Day. It’s a wasted opportunity to let the celebration slide by without finding a special and unique way to represent the ties that bind. Suetables’ Rebecca Wishlets are ribbon ties with whimsical imprints and a sterling silver charm that will ‘knot’ (get it?) be a disappointment for anyone in the family who dons it, least of all Mom. (From $12, depending on the charm selected, where to buy)

Gifts of HopeGifts of Hope
Don’t lose hope. The perfect Mother’s Day gift is almost in hand. You’re just seconds away from offering a helping hand with a donation in your favourite mom’s name. Plan Canada’s Gifts of Hope offer ethical gift-giving and provide gifts that include birthing kits, livestock, books for schools, sustainable planting and more. Being taken for granted may be an occupational hazard for a mother, but we doubt these gifts will suffer the same fate… (Donations of varying amounts, where to buy)

Marpac SleepmateMarpac Sleepmate
Other than the gift of life (thanks, Mom!), the gift of a good night’s sleep ranks right up there. For any mother who finds the nocturnal noise from a snoring partner less than soothing, we recommend the gift of a noise machine. The Marpac Sleepmate eliminates aggravating sounds and instead, offers the quieting sound of rushing air. Instead of kicking, rolling around or reading in the middle of the night to get some zzz’s, get her a Sleepmate that doesn’t snore (or hog the sheets). ($69.95, where to buy)


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