The Mighty Potato


You know I like the tell the truth (it’s a Catholic thing, I guess) so I’ll tell you right away that I was pretty excited about this month’s choice of ingredient for EatSavvy—the almighty potato. You see, I’m married to an Irishman who was raised by a mother who still believes that no meal is complete without a potato on the plate.
Since he’s been in Canada, he has embraced international cuisine and loves food like pasta and sushi, but there is still something about the potato for him. Roasted, boiled, mashed, fried, baked or scalloped—there is no end to the possibilities and the happiness they bring to my home. Not surprisingly, my two boys have adopted this attitude in the spirit of embracing their Irish heritage.

All this leaves me looking for ways to serve potatoes up regularly, which is why I was so happy with our latest edition of EatSavvy. I particularly like the apple and potato pancakes with absolutely anything on top and my kids went crazy for the ham and cheese scalloped potato dish. It’s a real stick-to-your-bones meal on a cold fall evening or after a day outside in the fresh crisp air.

Of course, you don’t have to be Irish to love potatoes as much as my family…

What is your favourite way to eat potatoes?

Photo courtesy of Holly Sisson Photography


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