The Price of Peanut Butter


Although most schools are completely nut-free, I think I can confidently say that most families who don’€™t have kids with peanut allergies in residence likely have a jar of peanut butter in their home. I just took a quick look and discovered three jars in my own household: organic natural, organic natural crunchy and Kraft peanut butter.
For me, it’€™s a great source of protein and one of my favourite toppings for toast and/or apples. My consumption may dwindle in the coming months though, if recent reports about an increase in the price of peanut butter are true. According to a recent article in The Toronto Star, it’€™s going to happen. A drought in the southern US and a decision by American farmers to seed less acreage in peanut crops and plant more cotton, has resulted in smaller peanut yields, so the price of a regular jar of peanut butter’€”even the organic kind from the health food stores’€”is likely going up this year. In Canada, manufacturers can’€™t be specific about when (or how much) prices will increase, but all signals point to a price increase. They are saying it might be a gigantic increase’€”as much as 30 to 45%’€”so I’€™m planning on stocking up sooner than later.

Will a change in the price of peanut butter affect your decision to purchase it? Will you look for alternatives instead, like seed or other nut butters?


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