The Savvy Five: Bath Gear


Stuck in a rut with your evening program? Dinner, bath, books, bed…dinner, bath, books, bed…(insert mild temper tantrum along the way here). Make bath time more fun with this month’s SavvyFive—great new finds for some slippery silliness.
Dreambaby Heat-Sensitive Bath Stickers
Good for: More fun and more safety
Why It Made the List: The tub can be a site of endless fun, but slipping and scalding are real hazards that account for many of the injuries that children suffer in the home. To decrease that risk, we love these cute, sea-creature shaped stickers from Dreambaby that apply easily to the bottom of your tub. Not only do they decrease the chance of slipping, but they change colour if the water gets too hot, which makes bath time less stressful for moms and more fun for kids. (Available at select Zellers nation-wide, $7.99)

Bath CupcakesBath Cupcakes
Good for: Creating a kaleidoscope kiddy spa
Why It Made the List: Getting kids to do something with a smile is always easier when a treat is involved (we like to call it positive reinforcement, not bribery). If there are occasions when your child needs a little nudge into the tub, a bath cupcake might just be the thing. Handmade and “iced” to look just like the real thing, these delicious little cakes turn into fizzy, colourful, sweet smelling treats when dropped under a running tap. With yummy “flavours” like lemon meringue, apple strudel, orange chiffon, strawberry shortcake, blueberry cheesecake and toasted coconut, we might just sneak one for our own bath. (Available online at, package of six for $20)


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