The Savvy Five: Kids’ Books


What’s better than a great kids’ book?
Easy, the daily ritual of reading it to your kids. So to help ensure you have the right material, this SavvyFive is full of children’s books we love.

So read on…and because we couldn’t stop ourselves at just five, make sure to view the complete collection of our favourite children’s books on the site too.

Moose by Robert Munsch
Good for: Ages 3 to 8
Why It Made the List: Munsch has written over 50 books and the appeal for kids that comes from each one is contained in this one; hapless adults, heroic kids and a crazy story. Luke wakes up to find a moose in his treehouse, and after getting little help from his parents (and three sisters) creatively solves the problem himself. It’s always a bunch of fun in a Munsch world. ($7.99, available at

A Book of SleepA Book of Sleep by Il Sung Na
Good for: Babies and kids up to 2
Why It Made the List: This lovely book with limited text and gorgeous illustrations follows an owl on a moonlight journey as he watches the nocturnal habits of other creatures. A Book of Sleep might answer “How do some animals sleep?” but it can’t tell you why your baby refuses to. (Sorry.) ($7.99, available at


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