The Savvy Five: Kids’ Music CDs


Children’s music might be good for the development of their brains but let’s face it: the average adult brain is programmed to reject the very same music immediately.
Does this mean our brains are underdeveloped? Likely not, but just in case we need some help there are some decent tunes for kids that even parents will like. So for these SavvyFive, we got some recos from Kara Turner, mom, expert traveler and owner of the Little Traveller baby equipment rental company, for parents heading out this summer on a road trip—or for any occasion, really (think sing-along playtime, keeping peace in the backseat or soothing them off to sleep when they are in a new place).

Here Come the 123s by They Might Be Giants
Good for: Rocking out while learning to count
Why it Made the List: Alt rock band TMBG have been around for more than 25 years, but in recent years, they’ve turned their talents to schoolhouse rock. This CD won the Best Musical Album for Children at the 2009 Grammy Awards. The catchy tunes and off-the-wall, often hilarious lyrics will appeal to everyone, young and old. “Eight hundred and thirteen mile car trip” is destined to be a family road trip favourite. If you want to listen to a real band singing original songs, then give this collection a try and have fun rocking out with your kids!

Putumayo Kids Present: Sing Along with PutumayoPutumayo Kids Present: Sing Along with Putumayo
Good for: Folk and blues classics
Why it Made the List: The Putumayo collections are popular for a reason: high caliber songwriting. This impressive 12-track line-up includes catchy tunes from Dan Zanes, Eric Bibb and Arlo Guthrie. Taj Mahal’s reggae “Don’t You Push Me Down” reminds children to play nicely together and Bananaphone will get the whole family singing along. Playful and uplifting, the songs on this CD will stand the test of time.


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