The Savvy Four: Outdoor Toys


Spring is in the air and it’s time to get outside for some fun and games (sans screens). So for this month’s SavvyFour, we bring you our favourite picks for outdoor toys:
iBert Safe-T-Seat
Good for: Making sure your bike doesn’t sit gathering dust in your garage just because you’re a parent now.
Why It Made the List: This brand-new-to-Canada (and parent-invented) bike seat allows the whole family to get outside and experience the joys of cycling together, while offering a lot of advantages over other bike seats. Less expensive than a trailer, the iBert allows for better interaction with your child than in a rear-mounted seat. Also, it offers a better centre of gravity and more comfort than other front-mounted seats due to its innovative ‘Stinger’ attachment assembly (the seat can be removed in just 15 seconds). The iBert is designed for children who weigh up to 38 pounds and are at least 12 months old and able to sit upright and straight while wearing a helmet. (Available at various retailers. Find your local store

Nite Ize® Meteorlight LED BallNite Ize® Meteorlight LED Ball
Good for: Keeping the game going all night long.
Why It Made the List: This rubber ball lights up through an internal LED light that can be switched on and off. The size of a tennis ball, it’s perfect for a game of late-night catch or a backyard sleepover, and it even floats, which makes it great for playing at the beach or the lake. (Available from, $12.95 US)

Orange Marker ConesOrange Marker Cones
Good for: Making the game seem more ‘official’ and keeping it safe.
Why It Made the List: Kids love using these cones to mark off goals or sidelines, and parents like them because they make the game more safe. They are also great for beginner bike-riders to practice turning around (set them up in a row) and for putting out on the street if there is a street hockey game in progress to warn drivers in advance to slow down. And beyond the sports, you’ll be amazed what other uses your kids’ imaginations will come up with for them! (Available at Canadian Tire, $6.99)


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