The Savvy Four: Summer Reads


As far as we’re concerned, enjoying a good book over the summer is as important a summer tradition as going out for ice cream or staying up late to watch fireworks. So make sure to carve out some time for a book or two from this month’s SavvyFour (we’ve got three for you and one for you to read to the kids):
Best Friends Forever
Good for: the hammock (and anyone who has ever had a best friend)
Why It Made the List: This clever, sad and sweet turn on a Thelma and Louise-style story, tells the tale of two now-estranged women, former school-age best friends, who are brought back together 15 years later for a female bonding adventure extraordinaire. Glamourous weather girl Val finds herself in a bit of a ‘situation’ and decides that only frumpy Addie, whom she scorned in high school, can help her get out of the trouble she is in. Told from two different perspectives, the fast-paced, emotional book combines suspense, heartbreak, humour, and the unbreakable bonds of friendship with an unexpected ending. We couldn’t put it down. (Best Friends Forever, Jennifer Weiner, Atria Books, 2009, $29.99)

Boys Should Be BoysBoys Should Be Boys
Good for: Any parents of boys who are harbouring just a tiny little worry about raising those boys to turn into wonderful men
Why It Made the List: Pediatrician Dr. Meg Meeker shares ‘seven secrets to raising healthy sons’ through straightforward advice that you can easily implement in your own family. The easy-to read parenting book validates some of what we know intuitively about boys—such as the importance of outdoor play, the surprisingly negative influence of TV and video games, the importance of fathers and other male role models in their lives, and boys’ need for rules and boundaries. It gives us good ideas for ways to help restore the delights of boyhood for our sons while staying involved in their lives. (Boys Should Be Boys, Meg Meeker M.D., Random House, 2009, $17.50)


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