This French Bakery in Ottawa Has a Dedicated Kids’ Area (Also? Coffee)

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There are days when as parents we are running on caffeine alone. While we can make our own brew at home, there’s something nice about getting to a local cafe to enjoy something to eat and a hot beverage without having to reheat our coffee in the microwave.

That’s why we love sharing new cafes and restaurants with busy parents so you can add them to your list of ‘getting out of the house’ options!

This week, we are excited to share with you a bakery that has us drooling just thinking about it. What if we told you there was a bakery that offered French-inspired baked goods like buttery croissants, served fresh coffee and you could bring the kids to enjoy the dedicated children’s area? Would you think we were making it up?

The good news is, we aren’t!

Mamie Clafoutis is located in Ottawa’s Westboro Community (400 Richmond Road) and is serving you and your family breakfast, lunch (like a croque-monsieur) or snacks like a blueberry crumble pie, seven days a week. Mamie Clafoutis can be found throughout Quebec, but the Ottawa location (that opened in Spring of 2018) is the first one outside of Quebec. It’s hard not to be drawn to the corner location on Richmond Road and Roosevelt Avenue thanks to the giant windows.

Photo credit: Mamie Clafoutis

Inside, the brightly lit, spacious area will tempt all of your taste buds. The intention is to feel like you are eating your grandmother’s baking. These tastes of France aren’t just for adults; the kids are invited to join in the cozy atmosphere making this your new family hang out.

A French Bakery the Kids Will Love Too

In a sea of cafes throughout Ottawa, Mamie Clafoutis stands out not only because of their amazing food offerings but also because kids are encouraged to come too. There’s an entire area dedicated just for them with tables, books, toys and drawing boards to encourage the kids to play while enjoying their snack. That means parents can sit back and relax with their own tasty bite and steaming cup of hot coffee (or other beverage) and enjoy those moments of peace.

The space is inviting and welcoming with beautiful decor, comfortable seating including chairs and couches, and windows that let in natural light. You can select from their seasonal menu, or their classes like freshly baked croissants, breads, crumbles, cookies and more.

Photo credit: Mamie Clafoutis

When to Go to Mamie Clafoutis

Ottawa parents can make plans for a weekend visit or tuck in during the weekday. Mamie Clafoutis is open every day of the week beginning at 7:30 am and until 6 pm or 7 pm depending on the day of the week or holiday.

If you aren’t sure which day of the week to go, we recommend checking it out on a Friday. Every Friday, fresh crepes will be prepared and you can enjoy this decadent breakfast item can be paired with hazelnut spread or caramel. It’s an indulgence that is hard to find elsewhere and is just one of the reasons why Mamie Clafoutis sets itself apart.

Photo credit: Mamie Clafoutis

Of course, if you prefer not to sit in and enjoy a slow morning, you can take the fresh baking home with you and stroll around Westboro to visit the other local shops and businesses along the walkable strip of Richmond Road.

With the French pastries and bright, cozy place to sit, we think Mamie Clafoutis is a great spot for your family to take a break together.

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