This Fun Local Challenge Will Get You Out And About In Calgary

Peace Bridge Calgary

Although February is a short month, the days can definitely stretch out when it’s cold and it feels like there’s not a lot to do. Throw Covid restrictions into the mix, and some days, it can be hard to even get out of the house. Recently, a friend and I were trying to think of ways to motivate people to get out and explore our great city, and the hashtag #OHWHATFUNYYC was born.

We decided to come up with a weekly challenge where Calgarians can get their families out to see all the great things our city has to offer, and then share them with each other. If you have an account on Instagram, feel free to check out the hashtag and join in on the fun!

There are three photo challenges each week (except for week 2, where we added an extra challenge). Throwbacks or pictures the day-of are all welcome! Just don’t forget to include the hashtag #OHWHATFUNYYC (and you’ll need to have a public account for others to see your photos)! And if you missed a day, but still want to post a photo for that day later on in the month, by all means, go for it.

Week 1: February 1-12

Monday, February 1: Spring Dreaming in YYC

In honour of Groundhog Day, find a spot in Calgary to snap a photo of yourself looking for your own shadow, on the hunt for Punxsutawney Phil, or find a favourite spring throwback photo to share.

Wednesday, February 3: Hug in a Mug

In celebration of YYC’s 10th Annual Hot Chocolate Fest, snap a picture of yourself with a mug of hot chocolate from one of this year’s contestants, or whip up a cup of your own!

Saturday, February 6: YYC Families: Introduce Yourself!

Snap a photo of your family in one of your favourite spots in Calgary and tell us what you love about it! Is it a spot in nature? An inner-city gem? Your own backyard? Anything goes for this one!

Week 2: February 7 – 13

Monday,  February 8: A Breath Of Fresh Air in YYC

What’s your favourite park in Calgary and what makes it so great? Get outside and a photo of your family in one you frequent often, or a newfound favourite!

Wednesday, February 10: Let’s Get Crafty, YYC!

What’s a fun craft your family has enjoyed this winter? Is it something you make in the snow (forts and snowmen definitely count here!) Have you snagged a craft box from a local maker like Pinnovate and completed a project at home? We want to see all the crafts that are keeping you busy these days!

Friday, February 11: YYC Celebrates the Lunar New Year

Is your family doing anything to celebrate the transition from the Year of the Rat to the Year of the Ox? Show us some of your festive celebratory photos!

Saturday, February 12: Show Us Your Sweet Valentine

Do you have something special planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021? We want to see what’s up your sleeve, whether it’s a great date idea, your favourite Valentine’s treat, or just a photo of the one you love. If you’re not ready to share your photo until February 14, that’s okay, too!

Week 3: February 14 – 21

Monday, February 15: Celebrating Family Day In YYC

What is your family doing in honour of Family Day this year? Share a photo of you all together in a favourite spot in the city celebrating a glorious extra-long weekend!

Wednesday, February 17: Made With Love in YYC

Calgary is filled with incredibly talented craftspeople. Do you have something in your homemade with love by a fellow Calgarian? This is your chance to give a shoutout to one (or more) of your favourite YYC makers!

Saturday, February 20: Take a Hike, YYC!

Does your family have a favourite spot to get out and go for a walk or hike? Whether you love to lace up your boots to hit a mountain trail, have a favourite path in a park nearby, or enjoy exploring in the city, we want to see all of the best places to get those steps in!

Week 4: February 21 – 28

Monday,  February 22: Hey, YYC! Let’s Get Outside And Share Some Winter Fun!

Do you have a family filled with ice skating aficionados? Do your kids love to hit the slopes on their skis, boards, or toboggans? Share a pic (or video) of your family in action outside!

Wednesday, February 24: Take a Stand Against Bullying, YYC! Wear Pink!

Did you know that February 24 is Pink Shirt Day? If you’ve never heard of Pink Shirt Day, it’s an annual nationwide event to raise funds and awareness in the crusade against bullying. In 2007, David Shepherd, Travis Price and their teenage friends organized a high-school protest to wear pink in solidarity with a Grade 9 boy who was being bullied for wearing a pink shirt. The movement took off, and today, the pink shirt continues to be a symbol to take a stand against bullying. Snap a photo of your family joining the movement!

Saturday, February 27: Let’s Eat, YYC!

We are crossing our fingers that Calgary restaurants will be open for dine-in service on February 27th, but even if they aren’t, we’d like to see some mouthwatering photos of you enjoying a favourite meal from one of your most-loved Calgary restaurants! Throwbacks are also welcome. If you have a fantastic meal you whipped up yourself, or with your family, we want to see those, too!

We can’t wait to see all of your amazing photos celebrating life in Calgary. Will you be joining us in our hashtag challenge? If you have awesome ideas for a future challenge, please drop them in the comments!


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