This Website Connects Calgary Homeowners to Vetted Tradesmen to Get Your Odd Jobs Done

Jobjar Calgary

As if we don’t have enough on our busy plates, it’s time for spring cleaning! Ugh. Luckily, help is at hand with JobJar, an online portal that connects homeowners to trades. If you’ve lived in Calgary long enough, you know many contractors won’t take on a job less than around $30,000. It can be frustratingly difficult to find a qualified, vetted contractor for those smaller yet need-to-get-done jobs. But no more.

Here’s how JobJar works

Homeowners (or renters) create a profile on Then they create a “New Job” describing the work they want done. Jobs can be construction related, such as painting or any smaller reno under the $25,000 mark. But jobs aren’t limited to fixer-upper projects. You could request a  “Skilled Doer” to clean out your eavestroughs or sort your landscaping. Licensed professionals such as plumbers and electricians are also on the portal. No need to bring in a work colleague or relative for those jobs we’ve long ignored. Yes, you can finally get that IKEA furniture constructed without it resulting in divorce dust!

After you’ve put in your job, multiple quotes are gathered for you within 24-hours. Next, you choose the contractor based on their quote and references. It’s similar to using a mortgage broker in that it’s a total time and money saver.

In my case, I had several Skilled Doers respond to my request. With each response, I was sent an email notification, so I simply clicked on the link to review the submissions. Each Skilled Doer has a profile, plus reviews from other customers, making it a snap to suss out their skills.

The Skilled Doers and I frequently messaged each other back and forth on the portal – mainly me asking dumb questions about the project. They all patiently answered and once I realized exactly what I needed to be done (and which materials needed to be sourced), they were able to provide me with a quote. In the end, I didn’t go with the lowest bid. I went with the dude (Ken S) who responded the fastest and just felt like the best fit. After hitting “Award This Job,” I provided my credit card information and we coordinated a time for the work to get done.

The Jobjar Process

Throughout the process, I’d receive notifications letting me know the job was in progress or that my Skilled Doer had sent me a message. (Apparently I didn’t buy the right stain for the wood, but he went out and bought that for me.) When the job was completed, my Skilled Doer sent me a message, letting me know it was done and asked if I was happy with the result. I was. It wasn’t until receiving my positive confirmation that he marked the job as complete and payment was processed.

But can’t I just go on Kijiji or Craig’s List and sort this all out through texting, you ask?

You could, but it’s a risk. Rando contractors you find online haven’t been vetted. JobJar does a thorough screening of all their Skilled Doers, plus their reviews are listed on the portal. You also don’t pay until the job is done, so you’ve got that layer of security. And in the unlikely event the job doesn’t get finished or the workmanship is faulty, JobJar has a guarantee to set things straight.

JobJar is based in Calgary, but they have over 1000 contractors across Canada, which makes upgrading the family cabin an actual possibility. If you’re short on time, tools and DIY knowledge, this is one service that guarantees Savvy Moms peace of mind.

And who could put a price on that?



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