TIFF, Savvy Style


If you’re a media person (a vague term, admittedly) in Toronto, one indication that you’ve made it is if you get invited to a TIFF event and are expected to write about it. Because really, what bigger, more sophisticated or more talked-about event exists in this town? Well, here is my glamour story from this past week.
Full disclosure—it’s not like the directors and producers are sending us tickets at SavvyMom so we can review the films. I’m sure they care if we like them or not…but not that much.

In an interesting twist though, it seems that the savvy marketing folks at Cadillac care what we think about their cars. And since Cadillac is the official car of TIFF, they offered to drive Sarah and I around for the evening. Isn’t that nice?

So, of course we said yes, and invited our handsome husbands along for the ride. And a sweet ride it was in our Cadillac SRX, driven by the friendly Amy who took us wherever we wanted. This night, it was dinner and the premiere of The Bang Bang Club, a Canadian-produced movie set in war torn South Africa. A very impressive movie indeed.

Speaking of impressed, I was rather impressed with the car, too. I liked the panoramic sun roof, but my husband was clearly more impressed with the top-of-the-line touch nav screen on the dash. It was very roomy, clean and there were no footprints from dirty sports cleats all over the back seat, so I was thrilled.

Thank you Cadillac, for getting us out to the festival in style. It was a great night.

Do you have any TIFF stories to tell? I would love to hear them.

(P.S. Clearly, the paparazzi were more interested in the other glamour girls. So the above is the shot taken with my phone.)


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