Timex Kids Analog Watch


Got a kiddo who’€™s learning to tell time? We recently picked up one of these Timex Kids Analog Watches for one of our Savvy kids to help them master the art of time-telling. The easy-to-read watch has a few handy features that make it a smart choice for kids. The hour and minute hands are labelled, the seconds are marked around in the watch perimeter in increments of five, and the right-hand side of the watch face is marked ‘€˜past’€™, with the opposite side marked ‘€˜to’€™, to help kids out with that tricky ‘€˜quarter to this’€™ and ‘€˜half past that’€™ business. It might sound like a lot, but it’€™s all easy to read yet subtle enough that it looks like a real ‘€˜big kid’€™ watch, complete with groovy and colourful patterns, of course. ($34.99, available at timex.ca)


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