Toddler Games

Toddler Games

There are only so many games of blocks and ball rolling we can play at home before we start looking to get out and let our toddlers run. It can be a little difficult to plan outdoor adventures this time of year—while the city parks are wonderful on a pleasant day, the too-hot, too-rainy days that Ottawa often gets in the spring (and summer) still have parents looking for indoor options.

Enter Toddler Games, a new non-profit community drop-in play area, custom designed for toddlers. Located inside Archery Games just off Bank Street and Walkley Road, we love that play time is designed specifically with children aged 1-4 in mind. Parents, grandparents and caregivers are all welcome to the arena, too. It’s a large enough space to allow for plenty of running, exploring, and free play. Best of all, admission is just $4 per toddler, and parents and babies under 12 months are free. We love the sense of community that Toddler Games is trying to create by welcoming so many families at a reasonable cost.

Toddler Games is open on Monday and Tuesday mornings from 9:30-11:30 am. There are tables set up for guest use and families are welcome to bring their own snacks and coffee (creating the perfect setting to chat with and meet other moms). Stroller parking, lockers, and coat racks are all available too. The handy set-up leads us to believe that this might become a weekly habit for us—good thing monthly memberships are available for $20.

Our only request? A Toddler Games in every neighbourhood.

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