Top Gifts Under $25


It’s time for our annual and much celebrated Top Gifts Under $25, chock full of ideas for those names that pop up every year that are ‘no less important but much tougher to buy for’—the teacher, the coaches and the babysitter (to name a few).
Due to popular demand, this year we have our five picks here plus lots more for you to peruse on our site:

For the Cousins, the Kid Next Door and Your Kids’ Friends with Parents Who Insist on Buying Your Children a Gift
These hats are the cutest things we have seen—ever. Made in Ottawa by a savvy mom entrepreneur, there are lots of silly styles, but we love the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Hat ($25). There are lots of colourful options to choose from in sizes from 0 up to teens, so you’re sure to find one that suits your taste.
Betty Mitts
The Girlfriend Gift
Tell your bestie, your sister or your sister-in-law how much you love her with these beautifully soft and cozy Betty Mitts ($22) from Preloved, the company with the name we just, well, love. Made from reclaimed wool sweaters to look ever so stylish, these mitts have it all going on. They are recycled, they are full of love and they’ve got style. What else could a girl(friend) ask for in a gift?


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