4Cats Art Studio


What to do when there’s a blank spot on the wall needing a serious timeout from IKEA art? Grab the crew and hit one of the GTA’s 4Cats art studios to make your own graffiti art during a family party.

Instructors guide through the lettering, colour and materials selection as we all contribute to a masterpiece that is totally ‘us’ ($150, one hour of time required). We’re in our happy place because we can control the colours (to a degree) to match our décor, and the kids are wild about creating something so totally, undeniably cool. We’re pretty tickled at including inside jokes and catchphrases in the masterpiece, too.

Not to mention, there is something totally liberating about unleashing our inner bad girl graffiti artist. Maybe that’s also because there’s no angst about making a mess or spilling on the carpet—graffiti artists are too hip to worry about such things. We love that we’re doing something that truly is fun for the whole family.

At the end of the session we see that the stretched canvas is professional quality and our bespoke art exudes personality and cool. But better yet, every time we look at it we’ll remember the fun time we had creating the piece together.

Boyz in the hood, indeed.

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