How to Squeeze in More Summer


And just like that it’s August already? Never fear, we know that as much as you want to give the kids a summer of unique experiences, schedules get in the way. So we’ve made it easy for you to find some new fabulous spots with our 11 Summer Picks in Toronto: Family Style—our picks of great places to eat, explore and experience.

Just Park It
Try a big new innovative park like Corktown Common for a different kind of playground mixed with loads of nature.

Pool Party
We can’t always make it to the cottage or beach for a swim, but the awesomeness that is Regent Park Aquatic Centre makes this a staycation haven. Bubbles, slides and toys galore.

Summer is short but the days are long, and there are lots of ways to squeeze in more summer.

Savour the summer. Our guide to Summer in Toronto: Family Style is here to help.

Image of the CN Tower from Shutterstock. 



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