A Wise Choice


It’€™s 5 pm, the kids are ravenous and things are looking a little dicey on the dinner front.
Which is exactly the way you want it.

Thanks to a little (or a lot) of help from Kitchen Wisdom, a new in-home kitchen consulting service, being prepped for mealtime (think of your fridge perennially stocked with sliced and diced fruits and veggies) is totally possible.

As conventional wisdom goes, a little preparation goes a long way’€”but the difficulty for a busy mom or dad is getting into the habit (and finding the time) to successfully and smartly shop for the family, then wash, clean, chop and store fresh foods so they are ready to grab for snacks or cooking.

Then there are the fast convenience snacks and meals we succumb to more than we’€™d like. What if you knew how to easily replace them with ‘€˜living foods’€™? You know’€”foods that actually grow from the ground, not stored with preservatives in a box with a cute cartoon figure on the front?

With an impressive background in nutrition and science, Kitchen Wisdom owner Sara Kuntz is focused, among other endeavours, on helping families overhaul their eating habits.

If your pantry is packed full of preservatives and sugary snacks, try her Kitchen Clean Up program. She’€™ll work with you to go through your kitchen cupboards, refrigerator and freezer to identify the ingredients or foods that might be best phased out for optimal health and replace them with options that offer wholesome, nutritious ingredients.

Just going through the motions at the grocery store? Bring Sara along for a Grocery Store Tour (she’€™s lovely) and she’€™ll teach you to shop with confidence, avoid marketing claims (just how ‘€˜natural’€™ are those deep fried chips, anyway?) and give you the confidence you need to start seeing food in a different way.

Food, cooking and nutrition can seem somewhat intimidating when you’€™re in a rut. Add in a little ‘€˜wisdom’€™ and we bet you’€™ll actually get a kick out of being in the kitchen.

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