Fresh Frozen Goodness


Modifying our expectations is an effective parenting technique. Modifying our foods, on the other hand (as in ‘€˜modified milk ingredients’€™), might not be a recipe for success.
Thank goodness for Gurts, a bakery and sweets shop in Roncesvalles Village serving all-natural, made-fresh-from-an-actual-Canadian-dairy-farm frozen yogurt.

A word of warning: entering this bakery/yogurt shop might make it hard for the kids (and their adult chaperone) to make up their minds on what to order from the menu. Besides the slew of wonderful yogurt flavours, including German Chocolate Cake, Bombay Mango and American Peanut Butter (they also have the classics like vanilla and sorbet flavours), and toppings (sprinkles, animal crackers, chocolate chips, fruits and more), Gurts offers irresistible looking’€”and tasting’€”cookies, cupcakes, squares and three layer cakes.

But back to the yogurt. We’€™re all for a little summer indulgence, and knowing that Gurts yogurt contains a probiotic blend of live active cultures, calcium, vitamin D, protein, fibre, and isn’€™t made from powdered mixes (which many self-serve yogurt shops are) makes a stop here all that much sweeter.

So whether you live west, or need a cool treat apres a High Park play day (and there’€™s no better time to visit now that the Jamie Bell Adventure Playground just re-opened), drop in to Gurts.

We wouldn’€™t change’€”or should we say, modify’€”a thing.

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Tested by Alison R., Toronto


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