Get Some DHA

Feeding kids healthy food can be simple and delicious, just make sure to start with healthy ingredients that taste great. Like Neilson® Dairy Oh!® Milk, the world’s first fresh milk with 0.01 grams (10 milligrams) of DHA per 250 mL cup of 2% milk and 0.02 grams (20 milligrams) per 250 mL cup of Homogenized milk. DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid, supports the normal physical development of the brain, eyes and nerves primarily in children under two years of age.
Here are four fabulous ways to add Neilson® Dairy Oh!® and more DHA into your kids’ diets.

Toddler MealAvocado Banana SmoothieAvocado Banana Smoothie
Who doesn’t love a smoothie? Serve this nutrient dense drink to your family at breakfast, lunch or snack time. If you like your smoothies sweet, add a few chunks of mango and be sure to serve it cold, cold, cold.
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DessertChocolate Pudding with MarshmallowsChocolate Pudding with Marshmallows
Don’t tell the kids there are actually healthy ingredients, DHA and other secrets in this delightful dessert made with cocoa and as much or little sugar as you choose to include.

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Family MealMini FrittatasMini Frittatas
Making mini portions for mini people is a sure fire way to get the kids interested in what’s on their plate. Add some funny edible decorations and you might even get a ‘thanks, mom.’
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Easy EntertainingSalami ConesSalami Cones
When it comes to food, the best chefs will tell us that presentation is key—but moms have known that for ages. Wrap up your salami and make eating fun for the kids with these adorable bite sized snacks.
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