Inspiring Family Dinners



We don’t like to be whiners, but what bores us to death about the daily meal isn’t the actual cooking. It’s the planning, the schlepping and worst of all, the repetition. Can someone please help us find some new recipes that our family will like, and while they’re at it can they do the shopping for us and deliver it to our door?

Thank you, Mealspirations, for providing just that.  

Mealspirations is different from other meal or grocery delivery services. First, they provide a three day meal plan for you (it’s a set menu each week), then they package up all of the necessary ingredients and deliver them to your door. On Sunday afternoon, you receive a lovely labeled package filled with fresh local ingredients and three recipe cards. That’s it. You are now armed with the food, the recipes and the time to prepare three delicious dinners for your family. You can try out new foods without all the thinking and shopping. 

If they like it, take the credit. If they don’t, blame someone else.

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