Is Your Family Emergency-Ready?


Doing stuff with your kids is fun. Worrying about them is not’€”especially if your kids have health issues like diabetes, asthma or severe allergies. Even with the best planning and intentions, accidents do happen. What if your child’€™s blood sugar drops when she’€™s sleeping over at a friend’€™s? Or he accidentally trades snacks with a buddy causing a serious allergic reaction? And who will notify you, so you can get to your child as soon as possible?
Fortunately, MedicAlert Foundation knows how frightening those ‘what ifs’ can be.

If your child has an emergency when you aren’€™t there, their MedicAlert bracelet will speak for them. The MedicAlert 24-hour Emergency Hotline will give paramedics all the details about your child’€™s condition and the medically trained call centre staff immediately kicks into action to find you’€”so your child knows mom is on the way. Protect your whole family with the new MedicAlert Family Plan, for as little as $9 per month.

It’€™s not easy being a mom, but Canadian MedicAlert Foundation can help. You’€™ll worry less about those ‘what ifs’ knowing that your child’€™s voice will always be heard, even if you’€™re not there.

Sign up now to protect your family. And worry less.


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