Let’s Go to the Ex


Oh, summer. We know your swan song is approaching when the Canadian National Exhibition rolls around. And it’s perfect timing, because there are so many fun and exciting things to do as a family at the Ex that we’ll be having too much fun to notice that Labour Day is right around the corner. So let’s get out there! Pay a visit, stay all day and into the night, and come home full to the brim with even more summer happiness. Here are our favourite memory makers.

XPogo Stunt Team
Yah, that’s right. Stunts—extreme stunts—done on Pogo sticks. We’re talking flying nine feet in the air extreme. It’s fast, it’s furious…it’s free! Check it out, but kids, don’t try this at home.

Bon Voyage! Aerial Acrobatic & Ice Skating Show
We confess, we’re big fans of Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue. So we’re pretty chuffed to hear that they’re performing every single day of the CNE. Perfect as a family event and even better if the little ones are into skating.

New Food
The Ex has always been known for weird and wonderful foods—over-the-top culinary Frakenfoods that make us cringe or drool—and this year is no exception. Catching our attention is the promise of chicken and waffles on a stick, s’more baos, and two kinds of dessert poutine: cake poutine, and a Tim Hortons’ Timbit poutine (with cola-, cotton candy-, and birthday cake-flavoured timbits). Our kids dig the novelty—and we dig being able to nibble at their wacky, indulgent treats.

Let’s go to the Ex! (oh baby.) We’ve rounded up the must-sees at this year’s CNE—check out what else we’re psyched up for in our guide to the Ex.




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