Naturally Clean: PureClean Services


Once we got the dirt on all the chemical ingredients that make up our ‘cleaning’ products, we scoured for services offering a fresh alternative. PureClean, now accepting residential clients in Toronto, passed with flying colours.

Our regular supplies? They’re now banned to the back of the cupboard waiting for recycling day, because when the PureClean team comes to clean, they bring natural, non-toxic cleaning products that are chem-free,  plant-based, 100% biodegradable and safe for everyone in the family, including allergy sufferers and pets. (You’re welcome, Bowser.)

We love that you won’t find a health warning label on any of their products and that no harmful chemicals remain in the air or left behind on our floors, furniture and appliances after they leave our house clean and sparkly.

Call first for a quote to clean your home based on size, number of occupants and the type of cleaning that you want. All PureClean employees are trained extensively on cleaning techniques and the products used by the company. But our biggest test was if their products actually clean—and the answer is yes.

It may be pure-ly coincidental, but after kicking the chemicals to the curb, it seems like we’re all breathing a lot easier these days.

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