Our Toronto Family Winter Activity Bucket List


It’s a new year and that means a clean slate. Maybe you’re tired of the family logging so much screen time or being stuck indoors, or perhaps this year you resolved to do more things that are creative and unique. Whatever the resolution, there are tons of exciting and original activities in Toronto to broaden everyone’s horizons. So pick one, and commit to enjoying some quality family time and exploring our amazing city.

Bata Shoe Museum
It’s been on our list of places to visit for a long time, and yet it still hasn’t happened. Right, well 2016 has been dubbed the year of the shoe and we will go check out footwear from all places and ages, and even some with a fairy tale focus. Plus, on the weekends there are arts and crafts and a game of iSpy to play in the galleries. Good to know: Family packages start at $24.

The Clay Room
We did resolve to do more creative activities this year. And for as little as $4 apiece the kiddos can select a ceramic and start designing, painting and creating. No experience (or talent) necessary, it’s fun for kids as young as four or five and everyone loves seeing the finished product after it’s been fired in the kiln. No appointment necessary, just drop in! Good to know: It takes a week for your completed piece to be ready for pick up, be sure to warn the kiddos so no one is disappointed.

Eglinton Pool
Go for leisure swim at Eglinton Pool and have a blast with the waterslide and a whole bunch of great pool toys. There’s also a massive therapeutic warm pool suitable for babies and toddlers (like a giant bath tub) and even the older set who might want to warm up between slides. The best part: it’s free.

Make 2016 the year to take advantage of all the wonderful things our city has to offer. See our full Winter Activity Bucket List here.



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