Put a Cork in It


Neighbourhood playground’€”we need to take a break. It’€™s not that we don’€™t value the hours we’€™ve spent in your confines, playing with the kids and bonding with fellow parents. It’€™s just that we need something new in our lives’€”something with more diversity, interest and spark. Our new love is Corktown Common, which recently opened and makes going to the park exciting again.
It may not be in your backyard, but 18-acre Corktown Common (at Bayview and River) is a quick dash down the Bayview Extension, jaunt on the streetcar or bike down the Don Valley trail. Once there, choose from strolling through the forest, featuring native vegetation and trees, looking for wildlife in the marsh, digging in the sandy beach or playing in the wicked cool playground with futuristic slides. Oh, and there are basketball courts, a skateboard park and a splash pad area. Sports fields and a picnic/bbq area round out the offerings.

If that’€™s not enough, we’€™ve got 6 Awesome Parks in Toronto to visit. Because sometimes a change is as good as a break.

Tested by Janice Q., Toronto


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