The Best Decision You’ll Make This Summer

SavvyMom November 22, 2016

There are a few things we just can’t allow ourselves to miss out on each summer: a picnic on a blanket, a trip to the beach, and because we live in Toronto, our outing to Centreville Amusement Park.

It’s a real treat to take the short-but-scenic ferry ride from Harbourfront to Centre Island. In just 10 minutes, we’re whisked out of the hustle of the hot city and into a breezy paradise just by the water. It really does feel like another world where we can easily while away a summer day between Centreville’s great rides and the island’s lovely green spaces and sandy shorelines.

Centreville is tops in our books for an affordable and manageable amusement park outing. We love the variety of activities for all ages, especially the little-kid-scale attractions like the Leapin’ Lily Pad, a tot-sized drop-ride that thrills without terrifying, and the trains and swans we can ride together with our tiniest companions. For the more adventurous, there’s the Log Flume Ride, and the Toronto Island Mine Coaster.

If you’ve got early risers, there’s no reason not to hit the 9 am ferry to get a jump on your day. No time to pack a picnic? No worries. There are new food options on the island, including Carousel Café, Bill’s Beach Bar and any one of the many concession options.

And don’t forget to take your animal lovers to Far Enough Farm, a petting zoo boasting a variety of lovely creatures including sheep, goats, horses, rabbits and even a black swan. Don’t forget to pack your camera to capture your favourite moments, both on the rides and with your furry (and feathery) friends!

You’ll have so much fun you may just want to purchase season passes so you can come again and again. To find out about more special offers, follow Centreville on Twitter or like them on Facebook.

This summer, make plans to go to the island and make memories at Centreville.



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