The No-Stress Way to Teach Your Kids to Cook


Our lives are hectic, and often cooking feels like a chore instead of a way to unwind, share and enjoy.

So how about letting the kids cook dinner for you tonight? Yes, for real.

Launched in Toronto, Sticky Kitchen‘s goal is to re-connect friends, family and food in a fun and super simple fashion. Alison, the founder of Sticky Kitchen, offers kitchen set up and meal planning services, but it was her cooking classes for kids that got our attention.

You do the shopping, based on a list sent in advance, and then Alison comes to your house and shows your kids how to turn those ingredients into a yummy (and healthy) meal, while also teaching them valuable cooking and kitchen skills.

We hosted a cooking party with four kids, and we can attest to the fact that Alison is über patient with excited, energetic kiddos, and knows how to work her way around a mix of personalities and skill sets. Plus, food allergies and preferences were easily accommodated.

For our meal, two of the kids made Baked Chicken Taquitos, while the other two cooked Upside-Down Nachos. Alison patiently guided our kids through the prep, set-up, cooking and plating. While we loved how much our kids were enjoying themselves and learning valuable skills, our favourite part may have been how clean the kitchen was left in the end.

Good to know: Classes are best for kids aged 7 and up, and one class runs about two hours.

Inspired to get the kids into the kitchen? We can help. Try a simple recipe kids can handle and a basic cookbook written just for kids.


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