Trendy Terrariums


Succulents—those wee, uniquely shaped, low-maintenance plants—are having a moment. Terrariums are low-fuss arrangements made using some sort of glass vessel, sand, succulents, rocks and other objects, and making one is a perfect parent-child activity. Who better to guide the creative process than the best in the business, the duo behind Crown Flora.

Not only does Crown Flora sell exquisite terrariums and other arrangements (plants in dino planters for one), they offer workshops to teach us how to recreate the magic at home. If it’s a crew of creative tykes, they do kids’ birthday parties on and off-location—perfect for the artsy kid who just loves to create and gets a kick out of doing something a little different.

And yes. We have already planned our next terrarium around the host of LEGO mini-figures that inhabit our house. Little dudes need a landscape too, yo.

If you’ve got the itch to roll up your sleeves and make something, we’ve got 10 more Cool Classes for Moms to inspire you.




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