The List: 9 New Photo Apps You Want to Know About


Instead of always forwarding pics to your inner circle—or worse, sharing inappropriate shots with your boss you just connected with on Facebook—create select groups (or circles in this case) to share the right photos with via PhotoCircle. Photos can be instantly shared in real time with anyone in the select private circles you set up. (Free, Tell me more)

DropShots offers many of the same benefits as most photo-sharing sites and apps, with an added perk of not having to upload images via your browser. Simply drag images or video files right onto the DropShots icon on your desktop (or iPhone/iPad) and your images are ready to categorize, create, edit and share. (Free, Tell me more)

Don’t say ‘cheese,’ say ‘thank you’ for our 9 New Photo Apps You Want to Know About. You’re welcome.


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