10 Guilt-Free Snacks for Kids

Kids Lunch

Packaged snacks are inevitable at times—blame it on your school or your schedule. Either way, you’re on the hunt for smart snacks you can find in the grocery store, and we know where to look.

Avoid empty calories, white flour, sugar and salt with our list of Guilt-Free Snacks for Kids.

Somersaults Snacks 
The number one ingredient in these divine little morsels is the safe and healthy sunflower seed. They have added whole grains and the seeds give them a much-needed hit of protein, too.
Hippie Snacks Coconut Chips
Who knew coconut could be so darn addictive? At once creamy, crunchy, sweet and slightly savoury, we’re glad we didn’t have to play Survivor to indulge in these satisfying morsels with the kids.

Healthy and pre-packaged don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Snacks you can feel good about aren’t hard to find if you know where to look.

Keep munching! See all of the picks on our list of Guilt-Free Snacks for Kids.


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