A Bevvy of Choices

Apple Cider Pint

If just talking (and reading) about your ‘to-do’ list for the season is getting exhausting, consider one very important element of that list—the eating, drinking and being merry part. Remember that one?

So in the spirit of merriment, we’ve got the savvy scoop on the hottest and coolest new bevvies in town. They’ll be just the thing at your next holiday soiree.

The Coolest
Peeler Cider is cool for so many reasons. Firstly, it’s brewed right here in Ontario. It’s made from the finest apples, peeled (get it?) and pressed in the local cidery on the shores of Georgian Bay amidst 7,500 acres of apple orchards. Considering it’s an ‘adult drink’ (only 4% alcohol), it is rather healthy by our standards. It’s basically apples and fresh ice—throw in a bit of fermenting and you have a delicious low-cal drink (135 cals per bottle). But what we like the most about Peeler Cider is the taste. It’s light, crisp and refreshing. It’s more like champagne than cider, which is why we’re finding moms are loving it and why we’re going to serve it to our friends this holiday season (and beyond). Previously only available in select restos and pubs, we can now find Peeler Cider in many LCBO stores around the GTA. Check out the cider finder here for availability.


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