A New Zoo


Who knew that Bowmanville is home to Canada’s oldest private zoo? Who knew? The SavvyMoms do, of course, because we love to do the zoo. We really do.
Established in 1919, the Bowmanville Zoo is Canada’s oldest private zoological park and this country’s original children’s zoo. You’ll know right away that it was designed with children in mind. It allows kids to feed many of the animals, get up really close to see their favourite species and it doesn’t put several football fields of distance between exhibits (like some other zoos do).

The smaller size of the Bowmanville Zoo is what’s most appealing and while it does not offer fancy habitats and all that, we find it’s a perfect scale for younger kids. So if your kids are bananas about monkeys or nuts about elephants, here are five reasons we think it merits the extra 25 minutes on the 401:


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